Periodically, OCWCOG profiles local leaders by asking questions and posting highlights of their responses here.

Leadership Profile:

Samaritan Health Services President and CEO, Doug Boysen

What positive qualities make our Region unique? How can we best preserve those qualities?
First and foremost, I believe our Region is beautiful. With my job I, regularly drive all over the three-County Region and I always marvel at the sheer beauty of the Region. Also, I have lived in other parts of the country, but I believe the people of our Region are special. They are truly engaged and care about our Region. I think most people want our Region to thrive into the future and are willing to play their part in accomplishing that objective.

What are your top three priorities right now?

I actually have four priorities; they are as follows:

  • Providing quality care and service excellence to our patients, insurance members, and customers. In particular, patient safety is an imperative that we are constantly assessing how we can do better.
  • Engaging our employees so that they are thriving at Samaritan Health Services. Having engaged, caring employees that fit our culture and believe in our mission are essential to achieving our goals.
  • Maintaining a sustainable organization so that we are around in the future to continue to provide our mission. This is challenging given recent State and Federal cuts related to health care reimbursement, but we are striving to be more effective and efficient.
  • Collaborating with community partners. Our mission is Building Healthier Communities Together. The last word of our mission statement “Together” means Samaritan cannot do it alone and working with like-minded partners is critical to our success.   

What are your top values as an effective leader?
I strongly believe that leaders need to lead by example. I try do my job with passion, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence every day. I also believe that healthcare organizations must be transparent to gain trust and credibility from patients, members, customers, employees, and community members.
How do you gain the cooperation of others?

The key to good collaborations is to find individuals and groups with aligned visions. I believe great things can be accomplished when you bring together a diverse group with an aligned vision and a true desire to effectuate positive change.
What do you consider your best or most outstanding accomplishment?
I am proud of being part of an organization with such an important mission that provides a health care safety net to our three-County Region. I read wonderful patient testimonials every day about the positive impact our organization has made in our communities. I am particularly happy with everyone in the Samaritan organization that have worked very hard to achieve higher quality metrics. It was very rewarding last January when Samaritan opened up a new state of the art hospital in Newport, which will enable us to provide high quality care in Newport for decades to come.  

What is your favorite book? Is there a book that has impacted your leadership style most?
I love to read and enjoy many different types of genres. One of my favorite books has been Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson. A book that heavily influenced my leadership style was Hardwiring Excellence by Quint Studor.

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