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At OCWCOG, you’ll work on projects that matter to you and our community. Your team will rely on your skills, knowledge, and insight to help deliver programs, projects, or reports that will have an impact on the region that we serve. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills and work on real-world projects in one of our three main focus areas: Senior and Disabilities Services, Community and Economic Development, or Transportation Services.


Current Internships

  • General Administration Internship
    Seeking an intern interested in Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, Contracts, Technology Services, and Facilities Management.
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  • Community and Economic Development Internship
    Seeking intern interested in community development, economic development, lending, and transportation.
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  • Senior and Disability Services Internship
    Seeking an intern interested in serving older adults and those with a disability through the many service programs available to them through the organization.
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  • Technology Services Internship
    Seeking an intern to work on a range of technology services projects for our organization and members.
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Propose an Internship

Senior and Disability Services Program
OCWCOG SDS seeks to recruit high-quality interns interested in gaining skills and abilities in the areas of benefits issuance, case management, program administration/ development, volunteer recruitment/retention, data collection, and advocacy. We invite students to propose their own internship ideas. Click HERE to learn more.


An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.
At OCWCOG, we believe you bring valuable experience to our team. We look to your skills and insight to compliment that which we already have to a project, program, report, etc.

We’ll provide you with valuable experience, which will prepare you for your career after college. You’ll be provided the opportunity to network and build professional relationships with future colleagues in your field. Additionally, you’ll also satisfy your college program requirements in a meaningful, field-based manner.

Most of all, while you’re with us, you’ll be assisting OCWCOG with fulfilling our mission of improving the lives of those living in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties.

OCWCOG internships are generally unpaid, and last between three and six months. Usually, the internships are short-term assignments related to a student’s major or career or interest.
Internships are very similar to fellowships, with a key difference being the length in which the student remains at the OCWCOG. While internships generally last three to six months, fellowships may last between one-two years. Fellowships are generally student-driven, proposed assignments approved by OCWCOG Managers, and carried out with minimal supervision. Additionally, fellowships will normally apply to graduate or post-graduate students.
Absolutely! OCWCOG is open to your ideas and would like to hear from you. Please send your ideas to