Cascades West

Cascades West Rideshare provides transportation options outreach; education; and carpool and vanpool matching services for commuters living or working in Oregon’s Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties. OCWCOG’s Cascades West Rideshare program connects commuters within the region and beyond to major cities, such as Eugene, Salem, and Portland.

To learn more, visit For information about commuter vanpools in the region, visit

Cascades West Rideshare also spearheads Safe Routes to School projects throughout the region, fostering active transportation for elementary and middle school students including Action Plan development, education, and strategic planning.

When you share the ride, you:

  • Reduce your fuel costs,
  • Save on parking costs,
  • Reduce air pollution emissions,
  • Reduce wear and tear to your vehicle, and
  • Can relax and enjoy the ride!

Pedal Corvallis

Pedal Corvallis is a bikeshare program open to all community members age 18 and older. The program is a partnership between OCWCOG and the InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO). For more information, click HERE.

Drive Less Connect

OCWCOG and Cascades West Rideshare have partnered with the State of Oregon to bring you Through, you can set up a profile; create a trip to view your matches for work, school, or one-time trips; and track your trips for your chance to win great local prizes. Best of all – your participation is FREE and secure.

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