South Fork Road
Corridor Plan

South Fork Road provides access toSouth Fork Road Corridor Plan communities, recreational opportunities, and natural resources in Benton County. It serves many important purposes, and will continue to do so into the future. The South Fork Road Corridor Plan aims to keep the road safe and functional for years to come.

Why is this project happening?

South Fork Road serves many types of vehicles, ranging from bicycles to logging trucks. Segments of the road are narrow and winding, creating safety risks as vehicles meet each other in these challenging spots. The addition of mountain biking trails at the Alsea Falls recreation area and the designation of the western portion of the road as a spur of the Marys Peak to Pacific Scenic Byway has increased the number of trips along the corridor. Future recreation improvements or increased natural resource harvesting activity could increase travel further. The goal of this project is to identify improvements that can make South Fork Road a safe and useful road for all who travel along it for any purpose.

Will there be any construction?

No. This is a planning project only.

What are the outcomes?

This project will produce a Corridor Plan for South Fork Road, which will cover existing road conditions, crash and traffic data, natural and environmental resources, and economic opportunities. The Plan will include a variety of improvement options in the corridor, which would guide future applications for construction funding.

How is this project funded?

This project is funded through the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP), administered by Federal Highway Administration (FHA). Oregon receives a portion of FLAP funds every grant cycle. Eligible projects for FLAP funding must increase access to federal lands for recreation or economic purposes. While many FLAP projects are construction, planning projects are also eligible. By creating the South Fork Road Corridor Plan, Benton County and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management will be in a stronger position to apply for future construction funds to improve South Fork Road.

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