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Approximately 232,000 nutritious meals are delivered each year to aging adults and adults with disabilities across our Region. It’s true Meals on Wheels serves hot lunch daily, but beyond that great service, we offer more than a meal. Our volunteers provide for the health, safety, and socialization clients desperately need in order to live with dignity in the home of their choosing.

Health: Specially formulated meals provide optimal nutrition for aging adults whose bodies need extra calories and dense nutrients to keep them both physically and mentally active.

Safety: For homebound individuals, especially those in rural areas, being alone for days on end poses safety risks. Our Meals on Wheels volunteers are trained to identify situations that might require medical interventions, and each visit doubles as a well-check for those in need.

Socialization: Social isolation is a critical concern for the elderly who may not have family nearby, or who have lost friends over the years. With Meals on Wheels, they have the option of seeing a friendly face at their front door each day or connecting socially at a local meal site.

Joining the Giving Day campaign for $1,000 (or $88.33 monthly) provides ALL of the following:

  • Purchase and delivery of 100 meals for one day;
  • Support for volunteers who prepare and deliver meals; and
  • Help for the Meals on Wheels program to build capacity and strengthen community ties.
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Becoming a Giving Day donor is a unique way to serve aging adults and adults with disabilities across our Region, and be recognized as a community partner during the upcoming calendar year. You can donate one day or multiple days. Three hundred and sixty five Giving Day sponsors can meet the needs of our most vulnerable population by contributing hot and nutritious meals, and helping our network of volunteers provide service and support to homebound seniors and people with disabilities every day.

As a Giving Day donor, we will celebrate YOU and your reason for giving on your special day. Some choose a day because it represents a birthday or anniversary, and others prefer to honor the memory of a loved one or even use the day as a gift that keeps on giving! Whatever you choose, know that your day is special because it means that YOU are providing health, safety, and socialization to more than 2,000 seniors in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties – and that’s something worth celebrating.

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