Nursing Home

OCWCOG’s Senior and Disability Services provides information on where individuals can find Nursing Home Facilities throughout Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties.

Nursing Homes are facilities that have two primary functions

  1. Long-term nursing care for individuals who need extensive 24-hour care and supervision on an on-going basis.
  2. Skilled rehabilitation care for people who need physical, occupational, or speech therapy in order to return to their home in the community.

Nursing homes…

  • Are required to have licensed nursing staff in the facility 24-hurs a day.
  • Are most appropriate for people who need a more protected setting. Many residents have medical and/or behavioral needs that cannot be met in other care settings.
  • Provide respite care for families in conjunction with Hospice Services.

The State of Oregon requires that all residents be screened before they enter a nursing facility. This screening ensures that the service required for the resident can be met at the nursing facility. The screening also helps the resident and their family explore possible living situations that can adequately meet care needs in a less restrictive environment.

Nursing facilities are inspected, licensed, and monitored by the Oregon Department of Human Services’ Resources for Aging and People with Disabilities, the local Client Care Monitoring Unit, and are subject to compliance with both State and Federal regulations.

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