Money Management

OCWCOG’s Money Management Program provides free assistance with personal money management tasks through specially trained volunteers. Service is personalized, confidential, and safe. All  services are offered free of charge to eligible individuals.

Program Goals

  • Promote independent living and self sufficiency
  • Preserve dignity
  • Prevent homelessness
  • Protect against financial abuse and fraud
  • Improve financial futures

Program Safeguards

  • Community volunteers are screened, trained, and supervised.
  • Strict client confidentiality is maintained.
  • Client accounts are monitored to ensure appropriate use of their funds.
  • Client’s funds are protected from loss due to mistakes or misuse by volunteers and staff.

Services Offered

  • Bill Pay Service – For individuals who remain in control of their personal finances, but need assistance to maintain financial stability.
  • Representative Payee Service – For individuals who receive Federal benefits, such as social security or Veterans Affairs, and who are  unable to manage their personal finances on their own.


  • Adults with disabilities, or seniors aged 60 and over.
  • Live in a program service area (call to confirm).
  • Limited income and assets (typically based on the number of people in the household).

Volunteer Opportunity

Program staff matches volunteers to clients based on the preferences; volunteers typically spend two-to-four hours per month assisting the client. Volunteers and clients agree on the dates, times, and frequency of their meetings.

Volunteers support the program and clients in the following ways:

  • Bill pay – Volunteers provide one-on-one assistance to individuals who remain in control of their finances, but need on-going help to keep on track. Budgeting, organizing financial papers, paying bills, banking, and help filling out forms, etc.
  • Representative Payee – The program becomes the Organizational Representative Payee and manages Federal benefits, such as Social Security, Social Security Disability, Veterans, or Railroad Retirement on behalf of individuals no longer able to manage their own personal finances.  Each client is paired with a volunteer who assists with organizing financial papers, banking and help filling out forms, etc.
  • Office Aides – Volunteers help Money Management Program Regional Coordinators program operations, including processing client and volunteer paperwork, and data entry.
  • Monitor – Volunteers examine client bank statements looking for red flags and needed support documentation.
  • Team Leaders – Volunteers support staff and other volunteers in satellite program offices providing various levels of assistance, as needed.

Volunteers must be 18 years or older, and are subject to a criminal history background check.

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