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OCWCOG’s Community and Economic Development staff assists communities with land use, transportation, facilities, and services planning. Our services include facilitation, visioning and goal setting, research, scenario development, alternatives analysis, and public involvement.

Connecting the Dots between Health and Transportation Workshop

In December 2015, approximately 100 community members and leaders from Benton and Linn Counties came together to learn about, discuss, and lay a path toward building healthy communities. They were inspired by presentations by Mark Fenton, a national expert in integrating community health, transportation planning, and community design. They reflected on the diverse needs and opportunities in the Linn-Benton area and the common values and issues that connect the area.

Below are links to the final report from the event, which describes the process, participants, and suggested next steps. Also below are links to video clips filmed during Mark Fenton’s presentation on December 8th.

Health and Transportation Workshop – Final Report (PDF)
Health and Transportation Workshop – Final Report with Appendices (PDF)

Video clips
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This project was made possible with support from the Transportation and Growth Management Program (a joint program of the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development), the Oregon Health Authority, Benton County, Linn County, the Linn Benton Health Equity Alliance, Oregon State University’s Department of Transportation Services, and the guidance of many local partners.

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