$tand By Me Oregon

OCWCOG with generous support from Benton County is pleased to introduce $tand By Me – Oregon ($BM), a financial empowerment program that through coaching and toolkits helps provide financial stability to individuals and families.

A replication of $tand By Me ($BM) – Delaware, which was launched in 2011, $BM – Oregon uses coaches embedded in local partner organizations to help participants reduce their debt, raise their credit scores, and reach their personal financial goals.

Participants of the program receive free personal one-on-one financial coaching to help achieve financial health and wellness.

  • Learn to budget
  • Pay bills on time
  • Manage spending
  • Understand debt and how to reduce debt
  • Improve your credit score and learn how it affects your life
  • Purchase your first car
  • Plan for college
  • Prepare for a career
  • Set goals to achieve the dream of homeownership
  • Invest in retirement

Interested in volunteering?

Community partners

OCWCOG is looking for key community partners who would be interested in having a $BM coach embedded in their organization.  If this is an opportunity that interests you please contact us.

External resources

Learn more about the $tand By Me program at $tand By Me — Delaware.

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