Corvallis Area Metropolitan
Planning Organization

The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), established in 2002, is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Corvallis Urbanized Area, which includes the cities of Corvallis, Philomath, and Adair Village, and adjacent portions of Benton County.

CAMPO’s role is to coordinate transportation planning efforts in the Corvallis Urbanized Area and to serve as forum for cooperative decision-making. CAMPO also coordinates closely with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). The MPO also coordinates regional transit, facilities public participation in transportation planning, and overseas specialized projects.

The mission of CAMPO is to:

  1. Maximize cooperation among local governments for the creation, maintenance, and preservation of a sound multimodal transportation system that would facilitate efficient movement of people and goods within and through the MPO Area;
  2. Build capacity among member jurisdictions for decision making;
  3. Support state and federal transportation policies that would benefit the area’s transportation system;
  4. Enhance the flow of federal and state transportation funds into the MPO Area to help in meeting the area’s transportation goals.

The goals of CAMPO are:

  1. Build consensus among local governments on issues affecting the area’s transportation system;
  2. Enhance the area’s transportation system;
  3. Incorporate environmental, sustainability and energy conservation issues into the transportation decision making process;
  4. Provide for the transportation needs of all people;
  5. Provide for all modes of transportation;
  6. Participate in the formation of statewide transportation policies and decisions;
  7. Work with state and federal agencies to secure the needed funds for the improvement of the area’s transportation system.

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