Loan Program
Advisory Committee

The Loan Program Advisory Committee (LPAC) is responsible for advising the Cascades West Business Lending (CWBL) staff and the OCWCOG Board of Directors on matters relating to the development and operation of the CWBL program.

The LPAC membership consists of the Board of Directors’ Executive Committee, the Chair of the OCWCOG Community and Economic Development Committee, and a commercial banking lending professional or an individual involved in economic development within the OCWCOG Region. Non-OCWCOG Executive Committee members serve a two (2)- to six (6)-year term. Former Committee members are eligible for reappointment when at least one (1)-year has lapsed after completion of the maximum six (6)-year term. The Committee may nominate to the OCWCOG Board of Directors persons to fill vacant positions for partially completed terms, when necessary.

LPAC meetings are held as needed, but at least semi-annually.

LPAC Members

  • Pat Malone, Commissioner, Benton County
  • Claire Hall, Commissioner, Lincoln County (CHAIR)
  • Sherrie Sprenger, Commissioner, Linn County
  • Alex Johnson II, Mayor, City of Albany (VICE CHAIR)
  • Dean Sawyer, Mayor, City of Newport
  • Chas Jones, Mayor, City of Philomath
  • Alysia Rodgers, Economic Development Catalyst, City of Lebanon

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