Plans and Programs

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are responsible for several plans and programs per federal and state regulations. Each plan or program serves a specific purpose and guides the MPO’s transportation planning activities. Federally required plans and programs include:

  • A long-range Regional Transportation Plan
  • An annual Unified Planning Work Program
  • A bi-annual 4-year Transportation Improvement Program
  • An annual list of obligated projects
  • A Public Participation Plan
  • A Title VI / Non-discrimination Plan

More information about AAMPO’s individual plans and programs is available below.

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The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-term blueprint for the MPO’s regional transportation system. The RTP builds upon local transportation system plans and addresses regional transportation needs over a 20-year period. The RTP includes policies and goals which, along with a travel demand model and local input, help to prioritize transportation investments over 20-year period.

The AAMPO is developing an RTP which will outline transportation improvements for the greater Albany area over the next 20 years. Learn more about the project on the Albany Area Regional Transportation Plan website.

On March 23, 2016, the AAMPO Policy Board adopted a Regional Transportation Plan Framework. This document identifies goals and priorities for the regional transportation system and a constrained project list through 2040. Adoption of this document followed a proactive public engagement process and completes the first phase of developing the MPO’s first Regional Transportation Plan.

The MPO will continue to work over the next year to refine the MPO’s goals, priorities, identified needs, and projects to be prioritized for funding over the planning horizon. The second phase of the process will include development of an unconstrained project list, consideration of different development scenarios, fulfillment of Oregon Transportation Planning Rule requirements, and development of an Albany Area Transit Development Plan.

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) outlines transportation planning activities to be completed by the MPO each fiscal year. UPWPs are developed and approved by the MPO Policy Board each spring for the upcoming fiscal year. Planning activities outlined in the UPWP are typically funded with metropolitan planning funds provided by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration.

A Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies all federally-funded surface transportation projects in an MPO area during a set period of fiscal years. Projects in the TIP seek to achieve identified priorities of regional impact, safety for all modes of transportation, and preservation and maintenance of the regional multi-modal system. The TIP is regularly amended to reflect changes in project scopes and timelines, or when new projects are funded.

To increase transparency, MPOs are required to publish an annual list of projects from the Transportation Improvement Program for which federal funds have been obligated. These reports address project obligations for Federal Fiscal Years, which cover the period of October 1 through September 30 of the following calendar year.

Active public involvement is a key component of an MPO’s continuing, cooperative and continuous planning effort. Public involvement is directed by a Public Participation Plan (PPP) and a Title VI/Non-discrimination Plan. Implementation of these plans should allow for the provision of early, timely and complete information public notice, full public access to key decisions, and continuing involvement of the public in all MPO planning and program activities. The purpose of this work element is to improve, strengthen and fulfill all these needs. The AAMPO Public Plan was adopted on July 23, 2014 after a 45-day public comment period, and is available at the link below. A summary of public involvement during the development of the PPP is available HERE.

The AAMPO Title VI/ Non-Discrimination Plan was adopted on August 27, 2014 following a 45-day public comment period.  The Title VI Plan and complaint procedure are available on the AAMPO Title VI Program Page.

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