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Leadership Profile:
Meet the Executive Director

After an eight month absence of an Executive Director, OCWCOG is pleased to welcome Ryan Vogt, who has been with us since mid-July. Raising your hand to take the helm of an agency that provides essential services to the most vulnerable in our local population – during a global pandemic - is not for everyone. Even with all the challenges, he has proven his resilience and determination to make lemonade out of lemons.

Ryan spent the last two decades preparing for this work.  He worked at the Department of Human Services, with an emphasis in the child welfare department, as well as working in Labor Relations at the Department of Administrative Services. He also spent over two years as the Chief Operations Officer with Oregon Housing and Community Services.

His main interest is helping people by using skills and contacts that he has cultivated over the years.  In an interview by the Albany Democrat Herald, Ryan was quoted as saying,

“I want to provide our member communities with the most bang for their buck,” Vogt said. “Our goal should be helping our member governments accomplish their goals.  I want to do everything I can over the next eight or 10 years to move this agency in the right direction. I would love for this to be my last hurrah, career-wise.”

“I’m a social worker at heart.  I like working directly with families and seeing how state and local services can benefit families”, says Vogt.

2020 has brought more challenges than most sci-fi flicks: a global pandemic, local wild fires, and riots throughout our nation. As the captain of the ship, he’s had to be able to pivot and change course with the next OSHA ruling or Governors Executive Order.  As part of the interview process, Ryan promised to meet our members, listen to both their concerns and accolades, and move us in the direction of our company mission of helping the Region’s communities collaborate to solve problems and connect member governments, businesses, and individuals with a wide array of resources.

Ryan is here to stay the course.


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