March 2016: News for Lenders and Small Businesses

OCWCOG is excited to work with small businesses and lenders, continuing our mission of fostering economic development and stimulating job creation.

Lenders: OCWCOG is here to assist you in your efforts to help small businesses start-up and grow. Our value proposition encompasses reducing your risk, increasing your lending opportunities, and applying 30 years of our lending experience to community and business success.

Small Businesses: OCWCOG offers fixed rate loans to expanding small businesses and start-ups that cannot obtain traditional bank financing. We offer a variety of collateral based loan programs, representing various uses of proceeds, such as fixed asset purchases. Our loans can benefit your business with respect to cash retention, enabling you to reallocate cash towards other business needs. Talk to your local banker about participating in a companion loan with OCWCOG. If your local banker can’t help, we may still be able to. Visit for more details.

SBA 504 loans – Statewide  

  • 4.34% fixed for 10 years as of March 2016
  • 4.56% fixed for 20 years as of March 2016
  • Up front SBA Guarantee fee 0%; On-going SBA Guarantee fee 0.914%
  • Refinancing program became law! Program rules expected soon
  • Up to $5.5 million; 10-20% down payment
  • Owner Occupied Commercial Properties
  • Land, building, construction, remodeling, machinery and equipment

Local Funds – Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties

  • Rates as low as 3.5%; loans up to $250,000
  • Working capital, expansions, land, equipment, some refinancing, etc
  • Term: Based on the useful life of purchased assets or on the nature of the request

If you have any questions about our programs, please contact:  

Sandra Easdale
Loan Officer
Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments
541-924-8460 | 541-967-4651 fax |
 “Let’s Keep Oregon Money in Oregon”

“Creating jobs in Oregon… one business at a time”