OSCU Joins OCWCOG as LBLPrime Partner

Oregon State Credit Union Joins OCWCOG as LBLPrime Partner

Oregon State Credit Union (OSCU) joins OCWCOG as its second LBLPrime partner for the 2019 calendar year. OCWCOG’s LBLPrime partners work together throughout the year on joint projects, initiatives, and promoting the visibility of each organization amongst its members, consumers, and fellow-partners. Over the years, OCWCOG and OSCU have worked together on joint lending ventures and community outreach.

“OCWCOG values our strong partnership with the Oregon State Credit Union,” said Mayor Sharon Konopa, City of Albany, and Chair, OCWCOG Board of Directors. “We recognize the important role the Credit Union plays in our communities and are thrilled with OSCU’s collaboration with OCWCOG. On behalf of the OCWCOG Board of Directors, we look forward to a continued long and fruitful partnership with OSCU.”

“We believe in so much that the local Council of Governments supports from small business lending to social services, including their Meals on Wheels program. The Credit Union and the work of the local Council of Governments complement each other in so many ways that further our community investments. Having our name attached to the Meals on Wheels effort in Newport is further evidence that our missions run in tandem for our common communities in Lincoln, Benton, and Linn Counties,” said Oregon State Credit Union Assistant Vice President Mike Corwin.

LBLPrime partnership was created in 2017 to provide a way for businesses to better connect and collaborate with OCWCOG, its member jurisdictions, and to help further regional collaboration, research, and programs. The partnership offers businesses visibility before OCWCOG members during events, newsletters, at Meals on Wheels meal sites, and on the OCWCOG webpage. Additionally, partners work jointly on projects, grants, and contracts, as opportunities arise.

More information about the LBLPrime partnership is available by contacting Fred Abousleman at fabousle@ocwcog.org or 541.924.8465.


About Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments
Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments (OCWCOG), on behalf of the member governments, carries out a variety of local, State, and Federal programs. The majority of funding is provided by way of contracts to administer specific services. As an Oregon intergovernmental entity, OCWCOG can provide for, or on behalf of, its member governments any service that they are authorized to provide. Whether it is helping a business find appropriate capital, helping seniors and persons with disabilities plan for independent living, or coordinating local roads improvement priorities, OCWCOG offers these and many other innovative services to the local governments and residents of Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties. For more information, visit www.OCWCOG.org.

About Oregon State Credit Union
Oregon State Credit Union (OSCU) is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, open to anyone who lives or works in 24 western and central Oregon counties. Since 1954, OSCU, a state-chartered credit union, has returned its earnings to its members in the form of competitive financial offerings, more service, and convenience. For more information, visit www.oregonstatecu.com.