State and Federal Budgets – February 2017 Update

Federal Budget

The Older Americans Act (OAA) was re-authorized before in the last session of Congress (before the 2016 election). The OWCOG Senior and Disability Services (SDS) department is reasonably confident that OAA funding will continue next Federal fiscal year, the question is whether it will stay at current levels or be reduced.

State Budget

Two budgets have been released by Oregon. The Governor’s Recommended Budget was released in December and held SDS programs relatively harmless, except for a large reduction in Oregon Project Independence (OPI) program. The OPI disabilities pilot was eliminated in the Governor’s Recommended Budget.

The Ways & Means Co-Chairs have also released a budget. Unlike the Governor’s budget, this budget assumes no additional revenue from new legislation. So, this budget is the worst-case scenario. OPI cuts remained largely intact in this budget, however, there may be some paring of funding for caseload growth in Medicaid.

SDS is ramping up efforts to get advocates to Salem more often this session.